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  • Asphalt 9: Legends came out in 2018 and it is a culmination of a 13 year-long evolution of the Asphalt franchise. It is developed by Gameloft and the game uses a Bullet and Jet Engine, which is quite powerful and is nicely ported for mobile play. It also features both single and multiplayer gameplay modes.This 9th installation comes with over the top stunts, unrealistic physics, and devil’s speed which is done intentionally to give us a racing extravaganza like no other, on our mobile devices. Practice makes perfect here, but here are some commonly asked questions and answers we managed to gather up for the fans of this racing calamity.

    Racing in Asphalt 9 is also full contact, in the sense that you can physically knock other competitors out of the race briefly (they respawn pretty quickly) to get an advantage. Simply double-tap the drift button while in a nitro boost and if you time it right, you’ll do a 360 that can knock out other cars. You can also score a KO if you time a boost just right from right behind it, but of course you need to be aware of others doing the same to you, particularly in multiplayer races.

    Nitro is very useful in turning the tide of the race because of the huge boost it offers to the speed of your vehicle. With two different additional features to up your Nitro game, you can quickly overtake opponents. ‘Perfect Nitro’ is activated when you tap the nitro bar just when it hits the small blue line.The other one, ‘Pulse Nitro’ is activated when you tap the nitro bar just when it reaches the small purple line which is even below the blue line. Pulse Nitro adds more to your speed than Perfect Nitro does but it lasts for a shorter period of time than Perfect Nitro.Either way, both of these are much more effective than the standard nitro boost. We recommend being responsive enough to tap the nitro button only when they come to the blue or purple lines.

    Drifts and stuns are almost as important as nitro, mainly because they are used to fill your bar and allow you to go to top speeds.Therefore, try to always take advantage of options to get some air time or do some stunts. Drifting does slow you down a little bit, but you can use the option to do a 360 when close to other cars. Simply tap the drifting button twice and your car will rotate, hitting all cars around it and filling your nitro bar faster.

    Acquiring flags throughout Asphalt 9 is the way to progress from one season to the next and they can be used to unlock more game modes. Earn 10 flags and you will gain access to Clubs, Asphalt’s version of guilds. Get 15 flags and it will enable you to compete in limited-time races where you have the chance to win special prizes. These races may be harder than the ones on the campaign so make sure your car is upgraded. Once you collect 20 flags, you’ll have access to the multiplayer mode where you can compete against other racers from around the world. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Asphalt 9: Legends Tokens from Mmocs at a reasonable price.


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