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Título: MLB The Show 19 adding better narrative options
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Make no mistake about it, MLB The Show 19 is clearly the next game in the MLB The Show series, and that’s just fine. The latest iteration of the MLB The Show franchise features one of the newest Philadelphia Phillies, Bryce Harper as its cover athlete. If you have ever played one of the MLB The Show titles, you will feel right at home with MLB The Show 19.

In terms of modes, the most notable new addition is March to October, which essentially acts as a truncated and more streamlined version of the time-consuming Franchise Mode. In the past, Sony San Diego has made strides in contriving various ways to make Franchise less of a time sink. Being able to expedite a 162-game baseball season by alternating between playing full games or using quick manage and player lock was a welcome change, but it's still a lengthy endeavor that most will still want to simulate through at times. However, there's always an inherent degree of detachment that comes from simming your way through blocks of the season. March to October alleviates this issue by making your performances impact your team's form, even if you're only playing for two or three innings at a time. Buy cheap MLB 19 Stubs ( from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

It’s hard to say which came first, the chicken or the egg, but it certainly seems like a majority of the back-end technology advancements necessary for “Moments,” were likely repurposed in some form to cobble together the “March to October” mode. After all, both consist of a curated set of events that have clearly defined objectives, which can be applied at both a team and player level. There’s nothing wrong with that, per say, but it certainly seems to cheapen things a bit when you realize that in many respects these two modes are essentially slight permutations on the same damn functionality.

Perhaps the biggest addition is Moments, though, which allows you to either replicate or reverse the course of history by playing key games in baseball lore. Not only does this allow the title to showcase some of its new legendary players, but it also operates as a kind of history lesson, with archived footage really adding to the storylines of icons like Babe Ruth. There’s even a black-and-white filter, although retro stadiums would really add to the atmosphere of these challenges.

The last big mode is Road To The Show, which has some of the most tweaks of any existing mode in the franchise’s history. MLB The Show 19 builds on the additions from previous games, adding better narrative options and even new branching conversations, with perks and consequences to your player’s career story. At creation, you can select from different archetypes for your created player, including Pure Power for offensive hitters, Flamethrower for ace pitchers, and more. This puts your player on a set path, building them up into the legend you want them to be.